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Browse new releases, best sellers or classics & Find your next favourite boo Check Out Star Trek Doctor Who on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today! Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find Star Trek Doctor Who now The Doctor, an Emergency Medical Hologram Mark I, is a fictional character from the television series Star Trek: Voyager, played by actor Robert Picardo. He is an artificial intelligence manifesting as a holographic projection, designed to act as a short-term supplement to the medical staff of a starship during emergency situations, but when the starship Voyager is stranded on the far side of the galaxy with no medical personnel, he is forced to act as the ship's chief medical. In Star Trek: Voyager - String Theory: Evolution, The Doctor is sent into Ocampa's distant past by a Nacene, which transfers him into the body of a recently-deceased Ocampan soldier, allowing him to experience the sensations of an organic body for the first time, although the conditions are so harsh that he cannot fully enjoy the experience

The Doctor, på svenska ibland Doktorn, är en rollfigur i TV-serien Star Trek: Voyager spelad av Robert Picardo. Trots att han rent tekniskt saknar kön är han skapad med manlig förebild och refereras till som en han A series of unexplained power surges resulted in the Doctor's memories becoming segregated as part of Barclay's attempt to save his existence, but when a mysterious Seriareen, Xolian, attempted to possess Lieutenant Nancy Conlon, the Doctor was only able to save her by tricking Xolian into 'possessing' him and trapping him in the segregated memories of Seven of Nine, deleting those memories to destroy Xolian The Doctor is voiced by Robert Picardo, the actor who portrayed the character during Star Trek: Voyager. Although the Doctor holds the Starfleet rank of Lieutenant Commander, he does not wear any rank insignia. While using his command subroutines, however, he does wear Captain rank insignia and the commanding officer variant of the Odyssey uniform

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Katherine Pulaski is a fictional medical doctor in the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. She served a rotation as the chief medical officer aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D. During her time on the ship, her medical skills saved the lives of both Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Commander William Riker. She inadvertently caused Geordi LaForge to create a hologram of Professor Moriarty that became self-aware, after a bet involving. Leonard H. Bones McCoy is a character in the American science fiction franchise Star Trek. McCoy was most famously portrayed by actor DeForest Kelley in the original Star Trek series from 1966 to 1969, and he also appears in the animated Star Trek series, six Star Trek movies, the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and in numerous books, comics, and video games. After Kelley's death, actor Karl Urban assumed the role of McCoy in the Star Trek reboot film in 2009 Phlox / ˈ f l ɒ k s / is a fictional character in the television series Star Trek: Enterprise, played by John Billingsley.Set in the 2100s in the science fiction Star Trek universe, Phlox is a major character aboard the first Warp 5 starship commanded by Captain Archer, and makes his debut in the premier episode, Broken Bow, in 2001.Phlox marked the introduction of the Denobulan aliens.

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  1. I'm a doctor, not a- - Star Trek Beyond. Star Trek Beyond StarTrek.com. Switching over to the Kelvin Timeline, the U.S.S. Franklin pursued Krall and his swarm of drone ships in an effort to prevent the former Starfleet captain from attacking Starbase Yorktown and deploying a weapon that would wipe out the station's entire population
  2. Caretaker is the pilot episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager. This series premiere was first broadcast as one double-length episode on January 16, 1995, as the first telecast of the fledgling UPN network. It was later split into two parts for syndication, but released in the original one-episode format
  3. Our ship's Doctor is a holographic figure — an emergency medical program devised by Starfleet programmers. When the ship's doctor and entire medical staff were killed in the Caretaker's displacement wave, the Doctor by necessity became the resident physician aboard the U.S.S. Voyager , assisted by first Paris and then Kes , a quick study in medical training
  4. While many doctors throughout Star Trek history have been fairly serious people in their own ways, the most dynamic is hands down the EMH. A Hologram program only meant for emergency use, when Voyager lost its chief medical officer, it all fell to the EMH. Over time, The Doctor started to form a complex personality from his interactions with the crew
  5. We are a news channel covering the event.This is the Star Trek doctors Disclaimer: We are not affiliated in anyway with Star Trek or Creation Entertainment

Season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation brought a brand new doctor to the USS Enterprise. The first season said goodbye to two of the main women leads. Tasha Yar's death spelled the end of Denise Crosby's regular appearance on the show, but Dr. Beverly Crusher's transfer to head of Starfleet Medical meant there was room for a new doctor on board in Diana Muldaur's Katherine Pulaski Iconic one-liners from the Doctor. Star Trek. Yesterday at 12:00 PM. Looking back at Trek's biggest Oscars moments. Star Trek. Yesterday at 9:00 AM. Play Star Trek: Legends on # AppleArcade. The Doctor (Star Trek: Voyager) Being a doctor is his raison d'etre. Sure, the Doctor likes his opera, he enjoys pulling a Pygmalion on Seven of Nine every now and again, but he's really defined by his profession since being a doctor is, literally, what he was created to do

Line of Duty and Bodyguard creators cast Doctor Who, Star Trek: Discovery and The Originals stars in new BBC legal drama Showtrial The Doctor (Robert Picardo) daydreams about singing an opera piece for his fellow shipmates. During the concert, Tuvok breaks down emotionally due to the po..

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Star Trek: Voyager's EMH earned the most total votes, 22,000, besting his closest competitor, Bones, who earned 15,500 total votes. The Doctor also won most of the individual polls, as he was declared most dedicated, most confident and most skilled; Bones was named most humorous (beating The Doctor by just one percentage point, or about 200 votes), while fans deemed Crusher the most empathetic Trek medic It dealt with a real issue. It had it all. It was charming, it was funny, it was well-paced, it had a good framing device, and it ended up [] dealing with a really good issue you'd never seen dealt with before. That's Star Trek at its best [] I wish they'd all been 'Dear Doctor's that first season

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Science fiction is all around us, manifesting in fiction, TV series, blockbuster movies etc. The Star Trek (ST) universe has become an integral element of popular culture and doctors play important roles. This paper introduces depictions of these individuals over the decades since the inception of t Sickbay is the emotional hub of every Star Trek series, a place where characters go for both physical and mental help. But the ship's doctors would have an exceedingly difficult time without the dedicated support staff making sure the hyposprays are full, the medical tricorders are charged, and holding things together both literally and figuratively Robert Picardo, Actor: Star Trek: Voyager. Robert Picardo was born on October 27, 1953 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, where he spent his whole childhood. He graduated from the William Penn Charter School and attended Yale University. At Yale, he landed a role in Leonard Bernstein's Mass and at age 19, he played a leading role in the European premiere of Mass I put my foot on the lower rung and then kind of hopped to the floor. No matter how dangerous it was I wasn't going to ruin my knees over it, which I appreciated. The ship may blow up, but the Doctor's not going to have any knee problems afterwards! (Star Trek Magazine issue 115, pp. 35-36) Doctor's Orders wrapped production on 10 December 2003

Directed by Nancy Malone. With Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran, Roxann Dawson, Robert Duncan McNeill. Using an alien communications net, Voyager sends their Doctor to the Federation ship USS Prometheus only to find that it has been taken over by Romulans Alexander Siddig, Actor: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Born in Sudan, Siddig was raised in Britain and attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) where he studied acting and theater. Immediately after leaving LAMDA, Sid did a season of theater in Manchester, in addition to performing in various shows in pubs and small theaters The Official Star Trek Website and gateway to the final frontie Doctor Who references in Star Trek Television. Doctor Who actors' names are listed among Clare Raymond's descendants. Star Trek has referenced Doctor Who on a few occasions.. In TNG: The Naked Now, Riker asks for a sonic driver to open a force field, a reference to the sonic screwdriver used by the Doctor to open doors and force fields throughout the Doctor Who franchise

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The Star Trek franchise has made several references to the Doctor Who universe, and the two also share some behind-the-scenes commonalities. 1 Overview 1.1 References to Doctor Who in Star Trek narratives 1.1.1 Television 1.1.2 Other media 1.2 Cast connections 1.2.1 The Original Series 1.2.2 The.. Seven of Nine was the most interesting part(I was also a thirsty teen). I didn't really care about Star Trek much before they did that WWF crossover with the Rock fighting Seven of Nine. I was somewhat familiar with Star Trek based on watching an episode here and there. I had seen the commercials about her previously being a borg as well

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Star Trek films: Star Trek VI Star Trek was a popular American science fiction television series of the 1960s, featuring among other characters, Spock, Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy.A Time Lord, Marnal, going by the human alias Marnal Gate, also sold a script to Star Trek, but unhappy with the changes made, he saw to it that he was not credited for it.(PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles) One of. Dukat/The Doctor (Star Trek) Dukat (Star Trek) The Doctor (Star Trek) Crack; Missing Scene; Sorry Not Sorry; everyone is ooc; originally posted to alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated; Implied F/F/F; Summary. The Doctor is bored. The Doctor finds a rather surprising program running on the holodeck. The Doctor is most definitely no longer bored De Dokter (Engels: The Doctor) is een holografisch personage uit de sciencefictionserie Star Trek: Voyager.Hij is ook een personage in de film Star Trek: First Contact.De rol wordt gespeeld door de acteur Robert Picardo.. De dokter wordt geactiveerd in 2371, wanneer de Voyager door de Caretaker helemaal naar de andere kant van de Melkweg wordt geteleporteerd

The Doctor's evolution from a talking tricorder into a sentient being was fascinating to watch, which is why he has been ranked as one of the best characters in Star Trek. Here are five episodes starring the Doctor that did a really good job developing this unique character

Star Trek (84) Star Trek: The Next Generation (63) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (44) Star Trek: The Original Series (19) Star Trek: Picard (13) Star Trek: Enterprise (10) Stargate SG-1 (8) Doctor Who (7) Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) (6) Include Characters The Doctor (Star Trek) (1104) Kathryn Janeway (882 While Star Trek: Picard mostly brought back old Next Generation stars, it also brought on board a fan favorite from Voyager, too, in the form of Jeri Ryan's Seven of Nine. With the Ex-Borg. Related: Star Trek's Captain Janeway is Pirate Queen of the Mirror Universe The miniseries, Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation 2, reveals that at one point in history, the Doctor's enemies the Cybermen learned about Star Trek's Borg collective.At first glance, the two antagonistic races seemed almost identical. Like the Borg, the Cybermen are a race of cyborgs intent.

Doctor (Star Trek) Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Doctor is a character on the American television show Star Trek: Voyager. He is a hologram with a database of medical knowledge and is the chief medical officer on Voyager This page was last changed on 15 October 2018, at 03:42.. Living Witness is one of the very best Star Trek episodes ever made. It has so much going on, from the alternate hilarious Voyager crew, the chemistry between the Doctor and the other Lead, the themes of revisionist history, the bottle within a bottle within a bottle framing, and the wonderful epilogue giving a really grand sense of completeness to the story The Doctor is not only the best part of Voyager, I'd say he's the best doctor in Star Trek. OP . OP. HStallion. Member. Oct 25, 2017 42,829. Apr 6, 2021 #48 The Real Abed said: I remember being excited to see him because I knew him from Newsradio. lol Such a weird guest star choice. I forget On the Drone episode of Star Trek Voyager, Seven of Nine and the holographic Doctor unwittingly create a new lifeform, and it could destroy the Galaxy. During a transport, Seven's nanoprobes fuse with the Doctor's holoemitter, creating a Borg Drone with advanced technology. If the Borg drone isn't destroyed, it could overwhelm the universe

Star Trek Voyager gave fans some iconic and beloved characters, such as Seven of Nine, Captain Janeway, and Tom Paris. However, the Doctor is a character that is arguably THE most loved by Voyager. TV URBAN LEGEND: Doctor McCoy never said, Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a...on Star Trek. Recently (as in, earlier today), I finally got around to doing a legend for the whole Did Captain Kirk ever actually say 'Beam me up, Scotty? On this page you will find the solution to Star Trek doctor crossword clue crossword clue. This clue was last seen on February 8 2021 on New York Times's Crossword. If you have any other question or need extra help, please feel free to contact us or use the search box/calendar for any clue

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Note: In-game quote Note: In-game quote See also: The Doctor on Memory Alpha Traits: Note: list those for variant only. Ship Bonuses: Note: Attack, Accuracy, Evasion, Crit Bonus Ship Skill: NAME (STAT Up) Traits: Note: list those for variant only. Ship Bonuses: Note: Attack, Accuracy.. How physically strong is The Doctor in Star Trek Voyager? Complete holodecks are infamously known to be able to produce lethal force, such as simulating actual bullets and surfaces approaching at terminal velocity (like in B'Elanna's weird skydiving coping program) if safety protocols are disabled, meaning holographic character could likely be made to be insanely strong should the. Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² #1 Release Information: Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² #1 is released! You are now reading Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² #1 online. If you are bored from Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² comic, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another.

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In a few comic books the Doctor has, in his fourth and eleventh incarnations landed on the Enterprise. Regardless of whether Kirk or Picard he has entered the trek universe but in The Impossible Astronaut an elderly woman asks a member of The Silence if his costume is from the Star Trek show Since Doctor Strange premiered in theaters, some sci-fi superfans (including us, in our podcast about the movie) have noticed something strange indeed: the Doctor Strange theme is eerily similar to that of the 2009 Star Trek reboot Juliette whittles down Star Trek: Voyager's 172 episodes to the top 10. including Star Trek's best full-blooded Vulcan and the second most popular Doctor-without-a-name in science fiction Star Trek depicts a fictional universe with a never-ending series of technological wonders.From food replicators to phasers to warp drives, the world Kirk, Picard, and Janeway live in has no shortage of miracles. Still, there's always room to grow, and recent events suggest some beings in the Star Trek universe have managed to create their own version of the Doctor Who sonic screwdriver

Spies on the set of David Tennant's final Doctor Who story have spotted a certain actor on set... with weird hair. Meanwhile, Russell T. Davies and David Tennant talk Star Trek and Star Wars. En Star Trek: Primer Contacto, mientras el Capitán Picard huye de los Borg, en la enfermería la Doctora Beverly Crusher activa al Doctor de la Enterprise-E. La Doctora le pide al Doctor que mantenga la puerta cerrada o genere una distracción mientras huye de los Borg I love Doctor Who and Star Trek The Next Generation lots and this first volume of the comic book crossover was fantastic. The Cybermen have never been my favorite doctor who monster but they are fantastic in this, in fact the Cybermen saying the iconic, Resistance is futile, saying was fantastic But if Tennant were to get his wish, he'd be the first Doctor from Doctor Who to cross over to Star Trek. By the way, Star Trek and Doctor Who have (sort of) officially crossed over already

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Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² #8 Release Information: Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² #8 is released! You are now reading Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² #8 online. If you are bored from Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² comic, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another. We've heard Doctor Who and Star Trek fans are loyal through and through, but one Westfield, Indiana resident just might take home the award for World's Biggest Fan. Transforming his. Die Doctor-Darsteller im Star Trek-Universum. In der Star Trek - TNG-Episode Die Neutrale Zone (letzte Episode der 1. Staffel) kann man auf einer Computer-Konsole die Namen der Darsteller der Doctoren 1-6 erkennen. Die ab der Serie Star Trek - TNG agierenden Borg erinnern sehr stark an die Cybermen.; In der Star Trek - ENT-Episode Die Zukunft (16. Episode der 2 Here is every Star Trek: Voyager character who appeared in other Star Trek TV series and movies. Premiering in 1995, Star Trek: Voyager was the flagship series of UPN (United Paramount Network) and it was historic for being the first Star Trek series headlined by a female Captain, Kate Mulgrew, who played Captain Kathryn Janeway. In season 4, Jeri Ryan joined Star Trek: Voyager as Seven of.

Dear Doctor is very much an example of Enterprise working as a prequel to the Star Trek franchise - explaining how certain parts of the mythos came to be. In this case, the first contact with the Valakians seems to foreshadow the Prime Directive, something the episode rather clumsily hammers home in Archer's big speech Janet (The Good place) vs The Doctor (Star trek Voyrager) The doctor comes with the medical bay that has unlimited power.(no replicator) and a portable transmitter to make the doctor movile. For those who are unfamiliar with both or one Star Trek Continues is a superior product. Second statement: this show's goal was to basically demonstrate how the Enterprise's five year mission came to an end and it succeeds. As far as I'm concerned, they've earned the right to have their season put on the shelf right next to the three seasons of TOS The Doctor was the USS Voyager's Mark I Emergency Medical Hologram who became the ship's chief medical officer. In 2374, the Doctor was sent through a subspace relay network from the Delta Quadrant to the Alpha Quadrant to try and make contact with Starfleet.The Doctor arrived on the USS Prometheus, which had been stolen by agents from the Romulan Star Empire The Doctor was USS Voyager's Emergency Medical Holographic program (or EMH) and Chief Medical Officer during the ship's seven year journey through the Delta Quadrant. The EMH Mark I, of which The Doctor was an example, was a computer program with a holographic interface in the form of a Human male Doctor. Although his program was specifically designed to function in emergency situations.

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the doctor. robert picardo. This Star Trek Voyager icon might contain portrait, headshot, and closeup. star trek voyager clips but out of context. added by StarWanderer. video. star trek. voyager. voy The Doctor in his original Star Fleet uniform, this 5 figure includes quite a few accessories and gear. Emergency Medical Hologram of the U.S.S. Voyager. Manufactured by Playmate Toys in 1995/96. Slight shelf wear to the card, plastic is intact, & the figure is still mint in the package. The Doctor is USS Voyager ‍ 's Emergency Medical Holographic program and Chief Medical Officer durin Icon of The Doctor for fans of Star Trek Voyager 30961684. Star Trek Voyager Club Join New Post. Add interesting content and earn coins. This Star Trek Voyager icon might contain workwear, portrait, headshot, and closeup. lilyZ and petunia like this. 2. What. The Star Trek franchise continues as the crew of the USS Voyager follows a Maquis ship into the Badlands and ends up 70,000 light years from home. 1. The Doctor saves a Vidiian dying from the Phage by placing her consciousness in a holographic body -- and he thinks he's falling in love with her. 20

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Star Trek: Voyager Quick Navigation: Films: Star Trek: The Film Series (the first six films) Star Trek: Generations; Star Trek: First Contact; Star Trek: Insurrection. Computer, delete Kim -- The Doctor (Projections) Now's as good a time as any to tell you. Your ceiling is hideous -- Neelix (Phage Spock, ofta titulerad mister (Mr.) Spock, är en huvudrollsfigur i TV-serien Star Trek: The Original Series, och är en stor ikon bland Star Trek-fansen.Han är en av de få utomjordingarna i den permanenta skådespelarensemblen: hälften vulcan, hälften människa, och tjänstgör som försteofficer på rymdskeppet USS Enterprise, under kapten James T. Kirk

In 1994's Star Trek: Generations, Russ plays a lieutenant on the bridge of the Enterprise-B in the film's opening. But before he did any of that work, he auditioned for the part of Geordi La Forge. Home / Star Trek / Star Trek Alien Species Database Star Trek Alien Species Database Jaz 2018-01-24T11:10:43-07:00 Pick a letter to browse all species beginning with that letter While Doctor's Orders does not boldly go where other novels haven't gone before, it is a fast-paced, well-written adventure in which the characters remain true to the Star Trek universe. Dr. McCoy, with his wry sense of humor, brings an added dimension to the story

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338.7k Followers, 208 Following, 2,356 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Doctors (@thedoctorstv At the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation's third season, Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) was unexpectedly written out of the show, which left many fans wondering what might have led to the decision Star Trek / Doctor Who: Assimilation Vol.2 A fun cross-over series involving the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory. Better than I expected. What do you do when the Borgs and the Cybermen team up, or rather, overtake? This series even has some pleasing interaction between the Fourth Doctor and Dr. Spock

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- Star Trek, season 3, episode 9 (The Tholian Web, 1968) 6. After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting Dick Woolsey as The Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager. Close. 400. Posted by 6 days ago. Dick Woolsey as The Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager. 79 comments. share. save. hide. report. 94% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level 1. 6 days ago

In Doctor Who, the Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, which is located in the Kasterborous constellation. However, this connection has not yet been made in a Star Trek source. In Star Trek, the Aegis occupy a somewhat similar role as the Time Lords, and their homeworld was described similarly to Gallifrey in the DTI novel. It gives me all the joy in the world that Star Trek: Picard is starting to feel like Star Trek: Voyager 2: Seven and the Doctor's Electric Boogaloo Tag: Star Trek Timewyrm: Exodus- Part III. The Doctor makes a new friend; Ace indulges in friendly fire. A quiet day's reading. The Doctor escapes from alternative timeline Nazis in 1951 to travel back in time to rescue Hitler in 1923. Just a standard Tuesday really Star Trek is a show in the Doctor Who canon. There are references in a few episodes. The one that comes to mind right now is Closing Time. A character is teleported to a ship and says it is like a Star Trek thing. This would mean Star Trek is fiction in the Who universe

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