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Postery sells affordable, stylish and beautiful posters. Fast delivery directly to your home and always free returns Shop Our Amazing Range Of Dog Gift Wrap! Thicker Than Average Paper For A Quality Finish. Quite Possibly The Most Amazing Dog Gifts In The World - Personalised Just For Your Dog A Blue French bulldog is relatively smaller in size and does not have the temperament of a typical bulldog. Blue Frenchie makes a better companion than a protector. The blue French bulldog resembles other French bulldogs in the appearance except for the shade of its fur; the blue one It is a widespread belief that blue-colored French Bulldog suffers from a genetic condition known as color dilution alopecia. It is a relatively rare condition and is undesirable for this breed. So, blue French Bulldog is not considered as purebred dogs by any association. But of course, this fact is only for show and competition

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Malice the Stud! Bullistik Malicious Intent aka 'Malice' has a new girlfriend and is strutting his stuff in true stud dog fashion! If there was ever any doubt that our French Bulldogs have mastiff blood in their lineage from long ago, Malice begs to differ. BONE, SUBSTANCE, and WRINKLES for days This type of blue French bulldogs has sort of dusky looking fur. They carry the same double recessive dilute genes as blue and pied ones, except that they also carry 2 genes for the fawn color. In blue fawn Frenchies, the parts of darker blues also carry a brindle gene and they are most visible on their ears, around the muzzle, around eyes, and on their back Blue French Bulldog Appearance. Even though the Blue French Bulldog isn't accepted by the breed standard, the blue French Bulldog information is going to be more or less in line with this standard. French Bulldogs are small dogs, usually weighing under 28 lbs and standing between 11 to 13 inches in height

The Blue French Bulldog is a lovable French Bulldog that comes in a beautiful blue color. Like any other Frenchie this breed has a funny and lovable personality that leaves their owners captivated. They are extremely affectionate and get along well with people and other dogs. This pup is quite rare and highly sought after. Popularity: #4 Blue pied french bulldog. Blue fawn frenchie (blue fawn french bulldog) - The blue fawn french bulldog is when the coating mix of blue and fawn.it will look like a fawn and sometimes brindle blue. its the most famous color mix of the french bulldog but it needs full care all the time. Blue fawn frenchie

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Blue French Bulldogs as well as all other French Bulldogs colors have a tendency towards skin allergies and irritations. That would be the most common issue that is almost unavoidable in this breed. The most common problems in all French Bulldogs include skinfold dermatitis, conjunctivitis (pink eye), ear infections, and long nails The Blue French Bulldog is an easy going and loving small dog with an unusual short coat - that's a blue color! It has a flat face, big eyes and the characteristic French Bulldog bat ears. Sometimes referred to as a: Frenchie, Frenchy, Blue Frenchie, Blue Frenchy; Or simply a French Bulldog

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  1. Blue and tan french bulldog kc puppies. Shirebrook, Nottinghamshire. We have 3 boys for sale from a litter of four we have one blue fawn boy and 2 blue and tan boys all puppy's will be microchipped wormed fleed and first injection .Will be kc registered. Mum is our blue fawn named Bella and dad is a stunning blue tan
  2. Blue French Bulldog . Blue French Bulldogs are the most popular color right now. Trending upwards for years now. The cost can be $4,000-$6,000 depending on quality and sex. Blue French Bulldogs carry two dilute genes in the D-locus d/d, which is dilute of black
  3. Blue French Bulldog Puppies Contact (707) 238-0566 If you can give these puppies a loving and caring home please contact me now. I am very busy and don View Detail
  4. The French Bulldog is a breed of domestic dog, bred to be companion dogs. The breed is the result of a cross between Toy Bulldogs imported from England, and local ratters in Paris, France, in the 1800s. They are stocky, compact dogs with a friendly, mild-mannered temperament. The breed is popular as a pet: in 2019, they were the second-most popular registered dog in the United Kingdom, and the fourth-most popular AKC-registered dog breed in the United States. They were rated the.
  5. Quality French Bulldog puppies with full AKC registration available. We breed the finest french bulldog puppies of exotic colors. Our frenchies produced are blue, chocolate, lilac, lilac and tan, pied, brindle and blue and tan french bulldog puppies. For the finest frenchies for sale in the US feel free to contact us at 954-861-7962 or email us

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Blue french bulldog's color DNA is (d,d) which means they carry two copies of dilute. This is a mutation of black or diluted black which is what gives us the blue/grayish coat color. There are actually different tones and shades of blue available form light silver blue to deep blue coats The blue French Bulldog color is in the rare or exotic color price range. It will cost you between 4000-6000 $ to get a blue canine companion. All of the coat colors can come in a variation with a pattern (piebald, brindle, merle) + a different color. The puppy picture above is a Blue Pied

SHELBY - BLUE WITH WHITE PATCH FEMALE PUPPY, SMALL SIZE, $3500 AVAILABLE! Paloma - blue/white female puppy,$2800 reserved! Phoebe and picabo are SOLD Blue french bulldog is facing more health issues as compared to other dogs due to its wrinkles. Moreover, due to this condition, they face skin problems and skin allergies. Mostly they are facing the challenge of alopecia. This disease is an attack on the dogs at the age of 4months to 2 years Home - BlueHaven French BulldogsBlueHaven French Bulldogs | Your reputable breeder for high quality Frenchies including brindles, fawns, sables, blue fawns, blue brindles, chocolate brindles, pure blacks, pure blues, black & tans, blue & tans, and pieds in each of these colors, with more on the way Blueblood French Bulldogs - Home | Facebook. Blueblood French Bulldogs, Ringgold, Georgia. 912 likes. We have been dedicated breeders of French bulldogs for 20 years now. It is our passion and we... Jump to

The Blue French Bulldog may be undesirable. A French Bulldog with a blue coat is really dilute black. To the eye, this color looks grey or gray. Some French Bulldog coat colors are linked with genetic health conditions. Blue is often avoided even though the bad health links are disputed by many Blue Sable French Bulldog- blue sable is an even more rare version of the sable frenchie. They carry the dilute blue gene. Rare French Bulldog Colors. Now we will move onto the colors that are not recognized by the AKC, yet but are very rare and beautiful, desirable french bulldog colors French bulldogs are what we know best! Our Standard coat colors for French Bulldog are Brindle, Cream, Blue Fawn french bulldog puppies for sale. The French Bulldog's grooming needs are low compared to many other dog breeds. French Bulldogs are typically very affectionate and energetic personalities Thank you Baby French Bulldog for assisting us in finding the right addition for our family. We're skeptical at first to get a blue french bulldog puppies for sale without meeting him but Jane, one of your Puppy Manager is great , helpful and knowledgeable. Coco (Baby French Bulldog name Stevie) is healthy, happy and smart puppy

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Blue French Bulldogs - Home | Facebook. Blue French Bulldogs, San Diego, CA. 4,442 likes · 1 talking about this. The Blue French Bulldog is muscular and short in stature, built heavily but... Jump to Check Out Blue French Bulldog on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today! Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find Blue French Bulldog now What Is A Blue French Bulldog? The blue French bulldog is a very popular dog, that has gray hair with bluish highlights and bat ears. It is a variety very sought after by some owners, due to its beauty and its rarity. But, the French bulldog blue is not a color officially recognized by any of the major international dog associations

Feeding: Blue French Bulldog Food Consumption. Blue French Bulldogs require the same caloric intake as the average Frenchie. You should be feeding them 1 - 1.5 cups of high-quality kibble a day, split over two meals. This amount shouldn't vary very much from dog to dog The blue French bulldog is just like a normal French bulldog in that it is a very needy dog that wants your full attention at all times. This is a dog that does not care to be ignored, left alone or left out of anything. This dog wants love, and it wants it now. The blue French bulldog will cry if it is not given enough attention The uniqueness of a blue French Bulldog leaves everyone speechless, so that's why we decided to write about facts you need to know about them. A blue French bulldog coat has a slightly bluish hue that is derived from genetics. Although bulldogs are famous as watch dogs, you can't expect from Frenchies to keep your back

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High Quality French Bulldog puppies for sale. Breeder of rare colored French Bulldogs, blue, chocolate, lilac, blue and tan, and standard colors. Majestic Blue French Bulldogs Here at Blue Frenchies UK we are Kennel Club Assured Breeders of French Bulldogs located in Lancashire England, less than 10 miles outside of Manchester City Centre. We specialise in breeding beautiful, champion, healthy Blue French Bulldog puppies. We offer a nationwide UK doorstep delivery service as standard FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPPIES FOR SALE NOW! CLICK HERE. SILVER HAMMER blue french bulldogs is located in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex in North Central Texas. We do not have a kennel facility. All of our french bulldog puppies & adult french bulldogs live indoors with the family. They are handled as children all day long from puppies to adulthood The Blue Sable French Bulldog has a fawn coat with strings of blue tipped hairs on the back. The Rare Color Species of French Bulldogs. The Blue, Merle, and other rare color species of French Bulldog are prone to allergies and poor health conditions due to their genetic disorder known as Color Dilution Alopecia Blue Fawn French Bulldogs have a double recessive dilute gene, as well as two genes with the fawn coloring. The blue color can vary quite a bit in Frenchies. For instance, some of these dogs come in a darker blue coat, which is generally caused by a copy of the brindle gene

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Welcome To Blue Bullseye Frenchies. We are a small hobby breeder with a passion for French Bulldogs. Health, structure and temperament is our focus with color being an added bonus. If you are looking for for a happy, healthy four-legged family member you have come to the right place How much are Blue French Bulldogs? Blue French Bulldogs from professional breeders can range in price from $1,500 to $4,000 and higher in the United States, sometimes costing more than double the price of a standard Frenchie. In the UK, blue French Bulldogs can cost between £1,500 and £2,000 for a puppy Francoeur French Bulldogs has blue Frenchies that have been specifically bred to have a great temperament. Our puppies get love and attention from the first day of their lives. Before we ever put our blue Frenchie puppies up for sale, we ensure they get ENS (early neurological stimulation), and we use the Von Falconer Way and Rule of 7 to give them a good start with healthy behaviors The blue French bulldogs come in solid blue/blue brindle, blue fawn and blue piebald. Most often the eyes in a blue French bulldog will start off a beautiful sapphire blue as a puppy but change as an adult. The blue/blue brindle eye color will change to a med brown / yellow light tan color as an adult Our frenchies produced are blue, chocolate, lilac, lilac and tan, pied, brindle and blue and tan french bulldog puppies. For the finest frenchies for sale in the US feel free to contact us at 954-861-7962 or email us

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Blue French bulldogs are one of the rarest and the most expensive colors in the French Bulldog lineage. You can recognise these dogs with their distinct appearance such as the bat ears, short coat, a smushed face and a great expression on their faces French Bulldogs Love to PlayFrench Bulldogs Love CuddlesFrench Bulldogs eyes melt heartsFrench Bulldogs Are For a Life Time Previous Next Welcome to The Home Of True Blue French Bulldogs Health | Confirmation | temperament Registered Breeders True Blue French Bulldogs Professional Registered Breeders that Focus on Health, Temperament and Confirmation DNA Tested True Blue Breeders [ Blue French Bulldog. The beautiful blue (gray) French Bulldog color is a results of a dilution gene. The dilution gene affects eumelanin (liver and black coats), in some instances, the red coat as well. When a dog has two copies of the d allele (dd), a black dog will become blue Your reputable breeder for high quality Frenchies including brindles, fawns, sables, blue fawns, blue brindles, chocolate brindles, pure blacks, pure blues, black & tans, blue & tans, and pieds in each of these colors, with more on the way Be aware when you're looking for Blue French Bulldog Puppies for sale cheap. Lower prices on a breed like this can often mean that the breeder is cutting care costs for the dogs. There are a number of variations in the blue coat. They could include the Blue Pied French Bulldog, the Blue Moon French Bulldog and the Blue Tan French Bulldog

Rare French Bulldog Colors Blue French Bulldog. Blue in Frenchies definitely attracts a lot of attention. Let's face it, that blue Frenchie puppy... Cream French Bulldog. I already mentioned that some from the white group can be cream-colored leaning. However, it is... Chocolate French Bulldog.. Blue fawn French Bulldogs are quite stunning. We will not only see beautiful pics and videos but also learn about their genetics. Available Blue Fawn Frenchies. We have an upcoming litter 2nd week in April that will likely have blue fawns available. Daddy is blue and momma is fawn but carries blue and chocolate

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Puppy french bulldog for sale male blue deluca blue french bulldog puppy. West end, hampshire beautiful,french bulldogs,perfect structure,quality line,full of energy,cute puppies for sale.2 boys ,16weeks old.full blue,£2200more info pls call on 07712557054 pavel.only one left Usd 12,500 (fixed) send message click to view French Bulldog Puppies For Sale. We have Blue French Bulldog Puppies for sale on occasion in addition to other wonderful colors like Chocolate, Fawn, Blue Fawn, Brindle etc. Please check out what we have below and/or contact us via e-mail at SilverHammerFrench@yahoo.com or text 817-729-3053 for more info and to place a reservation Blue French Bulldog Meet Loulou, a Blue French Bulldog - Image source. Also called Mouse Frenchies, they have a unique blue coat thanks to a recessive gene that causes the black to dilute and give off a blue sheen. The dilution gene can affect any standard color The Temperament and Personality Traits of The Blue French Bulldog Playful and Lively. The Blue French Bulldog, like the regular Frenchie, is a playful and lively little munchkin. I'm not... Affectionate. Blue French Bulldogs aren't afraid of showing you affection. These dogs love to love you and.

L ocated right outside Memphis, Tennessee, we are small hobby breeders dedicated to producing happy, healthy, and outstanding quality standard, blue, and chocolate french bulldog puppies. They are raised in our home with kindness, love, compassion, Early Neurological Stimulation, and a healthy dose of socialization Olie is a blue pied French bulldog she a dog whose coat color is predominantly white, with clearly marked patches in another, blue color covering parts of the body, head, or both. How the pattern is distributed and what proportion of the coat is white versus the blue color can be quite variable from dog to dog, Blue Pied Frenchie puppies usually have light colored fur on chest, legs, and cheeks

Rascal Male French Bulldog Puppy. New Holland, PA, USA. USD 4,495 (Fixed) 44 Views. April 12, 2021. Featured. Blue Male Puppy French Bulldog For Sale Welcome to Hilltop Acre Frenchies. We take pride in offering Ohio the highest quality Blue French Bulldog Puppies in a variety of colors. Contact us today Well, all French Bulldog puppies are born with blue eyes. They will either be completely blue, or slightly different shades including grey, green, and brown flecks. At about 10 weeks old, the Frenchie eyes will start to change color Explore 424 listings for Blue french bulldog puppies for sale at best prices. The cheapest offer starts at £123. Check it out AKC I Proven Maskless Blue Merle French Bulldog Stud for sale. $8,500.00. Taylorsville, UT | 9 hours. Meet Hercules he is a. gorgeous proven stud I. am going a differ... more more

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Located in Novi Michigan, we breed french bulldogs, and sell helathy french bulldogs puppies for your family to love and take care of. Contact our french bulldog breeder today to choose your french bulldog The Blue French Bulldog is one of the rarest colors. There is usually a waiting list for blue ( aren't so much blue as gray) puppies. You can expect to pay twice or triple as much for a blue French Bulldog than the average price for a standard French Bulldog. Blue Frenchies are quite striking however some owners have Mar 19, 2015 - Blue fawn French bulldog!!. See more ideas about blue fawn french bulldog, french bulldog, bulldog Welcome to Pittsburgh Blue French Bulldogs Welcome to Pittsburgh Blue French Bulldogs Welcome to Pittsburgh Blue French Bulldogs. Puppies Coming Spring and Summer 2020. Contact Us. Drop us a line! Name. Email* Send. Pittsburgh Blue French Bulldogs. 412-720-6993

Why French Bulldogs Have Blue Eyes? If the default eye color for most dogs is brown, why do French Bulldogs get blue eyes? Genetics, pigmentation, and health issues can all play a roll in altering your Frenchie's eye colors. Genetics is, however, the number one cause you'll get a blue-eyed French Bulldog Blue French Bulldog. This advert is located in and around Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear. Chyna our beautiful blue 3 year old French Bulldog family pet has had her stunning 1st litter of 7 puppies. There is now only 1 boy available, which will come with a 5 generation Kennel Club Pedigree.. Diamond French Bulldogs is a French Bulldog breeder located in Wilmington, NC. View our available puppies today! Hand delivery option available nationwide The blue French bulldog generally does not develop digestive problems. However, like any pet, they need to be fed properly to keep them healthy and active. High-quality kibble, fruits, and vegetables are great for his overall health. Raw meat works great for them too Blue eyes french bulldog . Blue eyes french bulldog. Beautiful blue girls all carrying tan ready now. Mam is our gorgeous blue girl Jenifer who can be seen with pups and dad is the gorgeous blue and tan Ronnie both seen in pics. pups have been brought up in our family home with children and other dogs so are well socialized

Bluey is a Blue Fawn French bulldog male. He is unaltered and is AKC registerable. Bluey was raised in our home is well socialized and doing great on potty. Wild Blue French Bulldogs is a small home-based breeder located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in North Texas. We offer various French Bulldogs for sale in colors including blue, merle, pied, and blue fawn. Our Frenchies are purebred and AKC registered Blue French Bulldogs & Alopecia. Many believe that the blue coat coloring of a French Bulldog is due to a mutation that causes alopecia, this is not true! The blue coloring actual occurs because of a recessive gene known as a dilution gene. A dilution gene can be defined as one or more gene which causes a lighter coat in an animal

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We are a small home based breeder offering blue and other rare color French Bulldogs. Our goal is to produce top quality puppies with healthy genetics, beautiful color and confirmation. All of our puppies are raised in home as part of the family and are produced from our adult dogs who are our family pets We offer ALL standard colors as well as the blue French Bulldogs. As breeders, we strive to produce show quality Frenchies with health and temperament in mind. Our pups are raised with love,with kids, and in our home. We gladly welcome visitors!! Please contact us or check our puppies' page for more information. Breeder of French Bulldogs in Iowa Breed: Teacup French Bulldog Color: Blue Gender: Male Size max: 15LBS Date of Birth: 17-Feb-21. Price: $ 9,911.0

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Debora French Bulldogs is a family-oriented breeding company that is dedicated to providing you with quality French Bulldogs. We offer some of the finest French Bulldog puppies on the market and have built our foundation around some of the most renowned pedigrees in the world. We specialize in producing blue, lilac, merle French Bulldog puppies, as well as variations of rare colors Specializing in blues and merles. We have 35 years of experience in French Bulldogs. We breed happy, healthy French bulldog puppies for you to love and all our Frenchies come with a health guarantee. We raise all our own moms so we know where our kids are coming from About Blue French Bulldogs. The Blue French Bulldog is especially unique boasting a dilute bluish gray coat. These dogs are usually a solid color, but white patches on their chest and belly are not uncommon. They were bred for companionship and were designed to be the perfect house pet. Due to their small size this dog is perfect for apartment. 7,369 blue french bulldog stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See blue french bulldog stock video clips. of 74. french bulldog cute french bulldogs cute french bulldog french bouledogue bulldog breed bulldogs wrinkly frenchie bulldog cute french bulldog puppy adorable pup. Try these curated collections Training a French Bulldog isn't difficult, although some Frenchies are on the stubborn side. Still, most, if not all, French Bulldogs respond well to reward-based training and positive reinforcement. As long as they receive the attention and care they need, French Bulldogs make wonderful, easy companions for all types of people

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As a family we breed and raise superior quality puppies and strive for perfection, health, confirmation and as a bonus rare, luxurious colors such as the Blue, Blue Tan, and Black Tan. All our puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club and are raised as part of the family, with unconditional love and care Francaise Bleue Farmhouse French Bulldogs Available French Bulldog Puppies 979-877-3179 Welcome Welcome, thank you for visiting French Blue French Bulldogs during this challenging time. We hope we can accommodate your home and heart with a Fine Frenchie that will love you and for you to love. Our prayers and love are with each puppy fro The French Bulldog (French: bouledogue or bouledogue français) is a breed of domestic dog, bred to be companion dogs. The breed is the result of a cross between Toy Bulldogs imported from England, and local ratters in Paris, France, in the 1800s. They are stocky, compact dogs with a friendly, mild-mannered temperament We are offering Healthy and affordable Mini french bulldog puppies for adoption to loving families in the USA and Canada. Shipping and 60 days money back guarantee is available Mini French Bulldog for Sale - Top Breeders & Best Price Blue pied French bulldog male, available,price $5000. Blue pied boy have blue eyes and very beautiful blue color. Blue pied boy have the best personality, he loves kids and other animals. Blue pied boy have cobby chunky body and big head with huge ears. YouTube

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About Blue French Bulldogs. Why do we breed blue french bulldogs? When it comes to breeding Blue french bulldogs, we are aware of the risks behind poor breeding. That is why we take responsibility as our highest priority when selecting Frenchie mates for our breeding line. That means we only choose the best dogs to breed Royal Blue Frenchies Breeder of Rare Colored French & English Bulldogs. We specialize in producing French and English bulldogs with amazing quality, health, structure, charisma and temperament. Our champion lined French and English bulldogs are available in the following standard colors: red, fawn, black brindle, pied, and white

Blue French Bulldog puppies, Why Your Breeder Is Vital It's worth discussing traits and features you want in your puppy with the breeder. Although do bear in mind, the more demanding you are on colour etc, the longer you may have to wait for the perfect dog Wild Blue French Bulldogs have limited breedings every year. We are not a kennel! Contact us for available Frenchie puppies or to ask any questions. Keep up to date on our latest breedings and puppies' availability by Following us on Facebook and Instagram.. Puppies start at $4,000, and here's why. They will have up to date vaccines, wormed, vet checked, and litter box trained Welcome to Magnum French Bulldogs. Joy . Joy. Visit the past puppy page for lots more pictures. Heneker as a puppy. Heneker as a baby. Heneker our blue/lilac stud. Rosie. Want to be on Our waiting list? Nellie a past puppy of Magnolia. Things to consider when purchasing a French Bulldog One of the most distinctive features of the merle French bulldog is its vibrant blue eyes. These are the result of their body containing the M-locus (or merle) gene. This gene causes random pigment dilution which lightens their eye color. While this gene is what mainly causes blue eyes in merle French bulldogs, sometimes the ALX4 gene will as well

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